Born in Mexico City, Jaime's acting skills and personal dynamics were evident since childhood. While still in high school in Mexico, he studied acting every possible spare minute, until one day, on a day off from school, he just took off without thinking, to Televisa San Angel (the country's largest TV station) and asked for a job as an actor (which he got!) and never looked back.

He then pursued his acting career in theater, cinema and television earning many awards from the Dramatic Arts Center in Mexico. On stage, he starred in plays like "El Tintero" (The Inkman), "El Fin" (The End), "Quiero Vivir" (I Want to Live), and many others. Jaime further developed his acting career in sketch-comedy theater in Mexico, receiving more awards from the Comedians' House. This led to his immediate success in Los Angeles, where he landed a TV role on the hilarious Martin Short comedy "Prime Time Glick", followed by a Japanese short film called "Not Near, Nor Far".

Jaime continued his television career starring in "The Educating Teacher" and later reached the world wide public when he starred in the American soap opera "Acapulco Bay", a Televisa-Fox production.
Jaime made his film debut in "Un Secreto de Esperanza" ("A Beautiful Secret") sharing the screen with Golden Globe and Academy Award winner Katy Jurado. This film earned 11 prizes in several international festivals, marking a new level of success for Mexican cinematography.

In Hollywood, Jaime went on to appear in the comedy "Party Animalz" (from Lions Gate) as a Mexican cowboy, followed by the recurring role of "Little Jorge" with Kirstie Alley (Look Who's Talking, Cheers, Veronica's Closet) in her new Showtime series "Fat Actress".

Jaime continues with his career in Hollywood leading the short film " Chances Are " along the side of
actress Keiko Agena (Gilmore Girls) an american production seen in the Short Film Corner of Cannes.
Not leaving the Latin audiences Jaime Aymerich star in the Television series Doña Risa where he interviews celebrities like Capulina, Pompin Iglesias, ie. and at the same time creating several comical characters and sketches in the show for channel 22/NBC/Telemundo.

Jaime continues his cinematographic career in the United States with a leading role in the movie
"Makeup" drama that brings the renaissance of the Latin cinema.